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ORI* w/ Matthew Gardiner (2016)

ORIcredit: Matthew Gardiner
The art-based research project ORI* (ori, jap. "folding", asterisk for wildcard/anything) investigates utilization of computational origami, robotics, and material technology within the context of functional aesthetics and oribotics. Joining the fields of origami and robotics, and situated within contemporary electro/mechanical artworks and objects, oribotics incorporates notions of folding both scientifically and philosophically. The project funded by the PEEK program of the FWF, investigated the sub-field of rapid prototyping of functional foldable structures, with special focus on origami style couture. The implemented design process illustrates the entire pipeline from 3D scanning of model, designing, refining, generation of fold pattern, to printing onto textile via a custom made 1 m² fold printer, generating an easy-to-fold, durable, and flexible Polymer Textile Elastomer Composite. Investigations were particular into composite materials and their printing, was well as suitable computational origami algorithms, which were ultimately implemented into a Grasshopper3D plugin, to provide the designers with an easy-to-use UI within the widespread CAD program Rhinoceros. Context: 3-year FWF funded art-based research project (PEEK programme) Contribution: geometric processing algorithms research and development, including implementation of Grasshopper3D plugin for integration in Rhinoceros, implementation of origami pattern solver Credits: Matthew Gardiner, Rachel Hanlon, Ars Electronica Futurelab



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