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Rotax Max Dome (2018)

ROTAX Max Domecredit: Vanessa Graf
The Rotax Max Dome e-kart racing track, opened in 2019 in Linz, Austria, is a glimpse into the future of kart racing. The prototype for further locations to follow blends digital gaming worlds with long-term competition and team play elements. The experience is distributed between (partly virtual) racetrack and additional game rooms, akin to popular escape room settings and makes use of high-tech elements, such as UWB technology for tracking of the e-powered karts to enable the Max Dome’s highlight, which is an Augmented Reality tunnel, introducing Mario-Kart-like elements, like collection of power-ups and slalom challenges, which are created on the fly. The tunnel augments the track by an ever-changing Augmented Reality overlay, which is projected by up to eight top-mounted projectors, with projection areas seamlessly blended into each other. Context: Rotax Max Dome e-kart Racing Track, Linz, Austria Contribution: graphics and toolset programming for tunnel projection, edge blending and calibration, tunnel gameplay design and programming, computer vision, video processing Credits: Ars Electronica Futurelab, Polycular, Rotax


Rotax Rotax Rotax Rotax Rotax Rotax Rotax


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