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SAP Inspiration Pavillion VR Showcase (2018)

SAP Innovation Pavillioncredit: SAP SE
The SAP Pavillion at the SAP headquater in Walldorf confronts visitors with presentations and interactive installations dealing with the software giant’s history, business, and subject area. This VR showcase, as a main attraction of the SAP Pavillion, was developed with active stereo 3D content for an ultra-widescreen powerwall, consisting of a mosaic of four Full-HD projections, to fill the entire field of view of the audience. It incorporates several interactive elements, encouraging visitors' involvement to be part of the narration, e.g. by means of motion tracking and mid-air hand gesture control. Context: SAP Pavillion permanent exhibition and interaction space at SAP Headquater, Walldorf Contribution: interaction design, editing, programming of graphics and interaction interfaces Credits: Ars Electronica Futurelab, SAP


Ars Electronica Futurelab project page SAP (German)

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