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YPX Visual Programming Environment (2018 –)

Within the research project TextileUX, this application started off as a simple and lightweight background application for basic data processing tasks. It eventually moved beyond the requirements of textile based sending, including and supporting numerous data sources and sensors (Intel RealSense, LeapMotion, Myo, Microsoft Kinect, MIDI, Optitrack Natnet, TUIO, Audio input, generic Bluetooth and serial port, etc.). It is intended as a multi-purpose data processing and streaming environment for rapid prototyping of filter pipelines and graphs, with an accessible visual programming interface, since existing solutions are either computationally expensive, built with other use cases in mind, hard to use and learn for novices, or difficult to extend with additional functionality, mostly due to closed source code. YPX supports numerous input devices and networking protocols with a heavy focus on HCI research and draws on well-established open-source libraries for signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition, as well as coding/decoding and realtime streaming. Built in C++, its runs with little overhead; design motivations were to keep it fast, efficient, easy-to-extend, but most importantly to provide means of hooking it into 3rd party software easily, such as MATLAB, vvvv, PureData, Processing/P5, or Unity3D, to complement it with pre-existing software with little effort. To keep the binaries lightweight, support of unused features can be simply omitted at compile time. To reduce computing demand even further, the program may be run headless, i.e. without the overhead of an UI, by loading an earlier configured filter graph. This enables for running it as a low-profile console application, e.g. at a device with limited computing power at the Edge. The project is currently under development and will eventually be made publicly available at Github. Context: Multi-purpose data processing and streaming environment created for requirements of TextileUX and beyond Contribution: Design and development of a solution for a data processing pipeline for multi-purpose data processing, analysis, and streaming Credits: Media Interaction Lab, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

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